Online Dating

Your friends will wonder how you’re going on so many dates.

200,000+ photos taken. 100+ dating lives transformed.

Get more matches. Go on more dates.

200,000+ shots completed. 100+ dating lives transformed.

“I now get 6-7 new matches per day, with the vast majority of girls praising the pics he snapped.”

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Feeling unseen by attractive women?

So you’ve:

But girls still aren’t giving you the companionship, dating & sex life you want?

Dating has changed. According to a Badoo study, online dating users under 30 spend an average of 10 hours per week swiping. 

That’s a lot of time girls could be swiping right on YOU!

Be noticed by women with online dating photography.

When it comes down to swiping left or right, you still need to be improving your fashion, physique and grooming but without good photos, girls won’t get excited about you.

A study from the University of Saskatchewan shows that 54% of guys use selfies in online dating profiles.

Gain an unfair advantage by having yours professionally shot in less than a day, using my experience to increase your Paparazzi Factor.

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Making your authentic self SEXY

It’s so frustrating feeling like you have to be “better” to get girls to notice you. That’s been my whole life up until I discovered the Paparazzi Factor.

Sure, improving your physique, fashion and grooming is important and should be an ongoing project, but you’re ready as you are to get the girls you want.

I tailor every photoshoot to highlight what makes you tick, and to attract the kind of girls you want.

I focus on making the photos look good but and also making the photos look relatable, candid and interesting – like you’re a celebrity just doing your thing and a paparazzi just happened to take sexy photos. 

I call this the Paparazzi Factor, and it’s what I’ve found to be most effective on dating apps.

This gets the kind of girls you’ve been craving swiping right on you for you.

Without Looking Too "Try-hard" or Generic

Portrait photographers (and any non-dating profile photographer) get photos that are too generic and too posed. They look good but they don’t get matches.

Shooting for online dating is an art; you need to balance intention while being care-free about what you do.

That’s where the Paparazzi Factor comes in. I use my experience of figuring out what works for myself and over 100 clients to make you look sexy doing what you already do.

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Real, Battle Tested Experience

If you hire anyone else without any online dating experience, they can’t guide you towards the nuances of online dating platforms like Tinder, Bumble & Hinge. 

When you work with me, you get to take advantage of all the mistakes I made to have a pretty awesome dating life. No more trial & error. You get the blueprint to finally say goodbye to dry spells.

Who will best benefit from an online dating photographer?

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Young business owners wondering why they aren't getting matches

You're not like everyone else. You took control of your own finances by starting your own business and are killing it. You even take care of your fitness and are attractive, but you're too busy to figure out online dating & just want to hire an expert to get you matches quickly.

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Older successful men out of the dating game a while & looking to get back in

You have made a name for yourself either with your business or career. Yet you've been out of the dating game for decades. Maybe you were married but ended up in a divorce? Whatever the reason, my experience, skill and the Paparazzi Factor will help you jump back in the dating scene, even if you've never had an online dating profile before.

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Men in their 20s and 30s into self-improvement

You have a favorite dating YouTuber who you look up to for advice. You may even be active on a self-improvement forum. You have a gym schedule you try to keep to and you track your macros. Your dating life is just another self-improvement project you want to maximize, and photos are the next big step towards optimizing your life.

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Have an attractive girl curate your profile!

If an attractive girl chose exactly the photos from your Paparazzi Shoot that she’d swipe right on, would that get you excited about swiping?

What if she told you exactly what makes you attractive?

With The Paparazzi Photoshoot Package Sarah, a girl I hired just for this, curates 5 full profiles, of 6 photos each that she would swipe right on. With the Overkill Package she curates 20 of them. She then records a voice memo just for you explaining exactly why those photos are attractive so you can swipe with confidence.

All you have to do to get matches and dates with many quality women is to pick one of the profiles, upload the 6 photos, and start swiping!

I’ve a done a few photoshoots with Joe, and it’s been a major improvement for my Tinder profile.

Taking the right kind of photos is crucial for getting matches. I tried to work on mine with portrait photographers, but my matches didn’t change.

After using the photos Joe took of me, the girls I match with are more interested, responsive, and willing to meet up!

Joe has an excellent eye for dating photos and he knows all the best spots around town to get awesome shots.

If you’re not getting what you want on Tinder, I definitely recommend Joe to help you out.

Edward Dehm
Edward Dem

Start to Finish

The Paparazzi Photoshoot Package

Working with me is enjoyable, fast, and hassle-free.

I follow this 5-step framework for anyone who gets my most popular package.

1. Discovery Call

2. Plan Photoshoot

3. Photoshoot & Photo Editing

4. Sarah Chooses + Gives Notes

5. Enjoy more matches & dates!

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1. Discovery Call

Each client is different. We’ll use this call to:

A party fuckboy will likely take a different approach than a sophisticated, well-connected businessman.

The main point: we will use the real you and make it sexy by maximizing the Paparazzi Factor.

2. Plan Your Photoshoot

Once we get you booked in, we plan your photoshoot.

Around 1-2 weeks before our photoshoot, we will have a quick 2nd call to learn about your hobbies  & lifestyle. I’ll use this info to plan a list of shots to get that are authentic to you.

We’ll also finalize our logistics (where to meet, how we’ll travel between locations etc.)

If needed, I’ll give wardrobe & prop recommendations to make sure we get your authentic self looking like a celebrity.

While I’m based in Austin, Texas, I often fly out to meet my clients for a reasonable travel fee.

Photoshoot min

Joe is the best photographer when it comes to capturing the first impressions in dating profiles, poses that highlight your qualities and even gives great dating advice. I highly recommend him for your one stop shop needs if you are getting into online dating.

Edwin Franco
Edwin Franco

3. Photoshoot & Photo Editing

On the day of the shoot, we meet either at your place or at my hotel (if I’ll be traveling).

The shoot itself will be 4-5 hours. With my online dating experience, we will shoot in as many locations & have as many outfit changes as time permits.

Afterwards, I’ll edit your photos to specifically tailor fit to the dates & matches you want.

In my most popular package, you’ll get 5 full profiles (curated groups of 6 photos each), with each photo in a single profile being a different setting, activity, and outfits.

These profiles are chosen and curated by Sarah (more about her below) an attractive girl I hired to choose the photos she’d swipe right on, taking into account your personality and love life goals.

She also records a voice memo explaining exactly why she chose the photos she chose, so you can swipe with confidence!

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4. Enjoy More Matches & Dates!

I work fast, because I know you want to improve your dating life yesterday.

You’ll receive ALL of your curated profiles a week’s time after our photoshoot.

All that’s left is to pick one and load them up on Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge & watch how your love life changes. It’s that simple!

While I had some success with online dating prior to working with Joe, usually getting 1-2 new matches per day, things really took off for me following my shoot with Joe.

I now routinely get 6-7 new matches per day, with the vast majority of girls praising the pics he snapped.

I’d tried taking new photos myself before, or having a friend take shots of me, but it was a difference of night and day working with a pro like Joe.

I can’t recommend him highly enough!

James Critelli


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Meet Joe

Your online dating photographer

In my early 20s, I was fat, miserable, & couldn’t get matches & dates, even if my life depended on it. What pushed me over the edge was when an OKCupid date ghosted on me.

I hit the gym, ate right, & learned how to take better photos to make my online dating profiles attractive. I tested every photo to see what works, and now, I know how to make super attractive girls swiping right and excited to meet me!

Now, I help other guys do the same by maximizing the Paparazzi Factor. I take sexy, authentic and candid photos that stand out on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge & other online dating apps.

online dating photographer
Josh Book Photoshoot min

What you get with your online dating photoshoot

Each Paparazzi Photoshoot Includes:

Seth Passion Unchained Book Photoshoot min

Not just improved online dating profiles. Also improved social media presence.

While my photos are mainly to get my clients more matches & better dates, the’re also perfect to improve their social media profiles like Instagram. This leads to better introductions & more closed deals. Upon request, I’ll snap a few professional headshots during our Paparazzi Session for you to use wherever you want to make a good impression.

Coach Sean T

Joe is a consummate professional. My experience was comfortable, informative, and most importantly effective! I have amazing shots that I can use for multiple platforms.

If you need photos, Joe is the guy to call upon

Coach Sean T.

Take back control of your dating life.

Lean on my experience in the trenches of online dating.  A simple photoshoot can mean the difference between them swiping left or right.

Frequently Asked Questions

I live in Austin Texas and take photos with many clients here.

I also travel to clients anywhere in the world for a reasonable fee.

Here are some other cities in the USA I travel to:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • San Diego
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • San Antonio
  • Phoenix
  • Bay Area
  • … and more!

No. All sales are final.

If we’re completely rained out on the shoot, or both my camera and backup camera break, I’ll reschedule it for free, even if I have to rebook flights and hotel.

Yes, we allow fee-free reschedules as needed, up to 1 year from booking.

If flight/hotel prices go up at the time of reschedule, you will need to make up the price difference.