How to Succeed At Online Dating

It used to be that we met our partners through friends, or because they lived next door. My paternal grandpa met my grandma on the trolly. My mom's mom was the maid of honor at my grandpa's friend's wedding. At that time, nobody had iPhones, nobody had the internet and nobody had Tinder.

You gained a reputation through the people you knew, and they evangelized you to others. Or you met while going through your day.

In modern day, we each have a supercomputer in our pockets, complete with wireless high speed internet our grandpa's don't know what to do with.

We can use our grandpa's stragtegies but there are much better ways to build a sex life we love in the 21st century.

On Tinder, Bumble, Hinge and all other online dating apps photos are king.

A study by the University of Chicago showed that in a laboratory setting, women value looks above income and education in online dating - and looks can only be portrayed in photos.

Sure, a funny line in a bio is nice, but when push comes to shove we decide to swipe right or left based on the photos we see.

This means focusing on your photos is the most important thing in succeeding at online dating. Yet over half of guys use smartphone selfies according to a University of Saskatchewan study.

If that's you, or you have other types of mediocre or bad photos, this may come as a blow, but in fact it's good news.It means a few things:

Because of these smartphones and these apps - if you upgrade your photos, you'll have access to more matches, dates, fwb, potential wives, booty call girls - whatever your heart desires - than your grandpa ever dreamed of!

Can we all say "Thank you, Steve Jobs?"